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A mathematical model describing the kinetic response of a reflected fast burst reactor is developed using point reac­tor theory. The equations of the model are used to derive a reflected inhour relationship and a two region Rossi-alpha equation.

The model is investigated for three reactor-reflector configurations; the bare reactor, the reactor with a radially symmetric steel reflector, and a reactor with a radially sym­metric polyethylene reflector. This investigation includes the results of a calculational study using Monte-Carlo tech­niques and an experimental program using Rossi-alpha, pulsed neutron, and reactor burst techniques on the Sandia Pulsed Reactor SPR II.

A Type I (all counts and all times) multichannel time analyzer, which was designed and built to carry out the Rossi­alpha experiments, is described. Results of a supplementary experiment show the biasing of the prompt neutron decay con­stant when measured with a Type III (count-to-count) multi­channel time analyzer.

Rossi-alpha measurements at subprompt critical reactivit­ies are used with limited success to predict reflector effects on the super prompt critical behavior of a fast burst reactor. It is considered that significant improvements in the predict­ions should be attainable with additional development of the Rossi-alpha or similar techniques.

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