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Winter 1-28-2019


Renewed interest in molten salt reactor technology has brought to light the need for a better understanding of FLiBe corrosion. To this end a flowing FLiBe corrosion test loop was designed to test the flow effects of FLiBe corrosion. The loop consists of a pump, melt tank, and stainless-steel tubing assembly that heats the molten salt to high temperatures and circulates it over test specimens. The experiment has been constructed and has completed initial shakedown testing.

To support the flowing FLiBe experiment, a numerical corrosion model that couples FLiBe electrochemistry, solid metal diffusion, and mass transport was implemented. The model has been successfully validated, and initial results indicate that the addition of nickel protective layers to structural metal will greatly reduce FLiBe corrosion.


FLiBe, corrosion, flow accelerated, numerical model, test loop, electrochemistry

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Nuclear Engineering

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Nuclear Engineering

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