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Spring 4-24-2020


The four pieces selected for this portfolio represent a variety of interests and pursuits over two years at UNM. Together they are unified through their attention to the universality of the daily human experience, particularly as it contrasts to human desire for control through constructed means such as art, although each approaches this relationship in a distinct way. Musically, these ideas are explored with a sense of spontaneity, drawing from a variety of musical styles, and experimenting with concepts of texture and form, with special attention to elements of live performance.

Included pieces are A Moment of Some Complexity, a setting of ten picture-poems by Kenneth Patchen for speaking pianist; God is an Alchemist for bass trombone and organ; Swept for Jazz Ensemble; and A Fire to Build for percussion and fixed media. These pieces were selected in part to satisfy the requirements for a music composition thesis.

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Department of Music

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Patricia Repar

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Karola Obermueller

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Richard Hermann




portfolio, multimedia, music, contemporary classical

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