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Zack Kear

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Several basic biological needs must be satisfied for a Human to remain alive on this planet. Despite cultural differences, differences in belief systems and language barriers, four Human biological needs we have in common are: Blood, Water, Seeds and Oxygen. This work has three movements—Blood, Seeds and Oxygen—which are connected by two Water interludes. It is an acousmatic music composition meaning that it exists in recorded form and is designed for reception via loudspeakers only. The score, therefore, acts as a graphic illustration of the sonic contents rather than a set of instructions for live performers. The score for Blood, the first movement, does not use traditional notation but instead provides a graphic display of sounds and composed textures. The first Water interlude consists of a rain shower and bird songs both of which are recorded in a forest. This first interlude waters Seeds, the second movement. Seeds has a traditional music score and uses recordings of a homemade seed shaker, a rainstick, a piano and two synthesized sounds as sound sources. The second Water interlude consists of a mountain stream and bird songs. Oxygen, the third movement, also has a traditional music score and uses two viols, glass bottles and an oud as sound sources.

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Department of Music

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Hermann, Richard

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Wood, William




Suites (Pianos (2), glass bottles, oud, percussion, synthesizers (2), viols (2))--Scores, Musique concrete, Glass music

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