About This Journal

We are pleased to bring you this edition of the Medical Muse. This semiannual arts journal is meant to provide a creative outlet for members of the greater Health Sciences Center community: patients, practitioners, students, residents, faculty, staff and families. In this business of the scrutiny of bodies and minds, it can be all too easy to neglect an examination of our own lives. This journal is a forum for the expression of meditation, narrative, hurting and celebration — all the ways in which we make sense of what we see and do.

It is our hope that in these pages you will encounter a range of experience, from the outrageous to the sublime. What we have in common binds and steadies us, yet there is much to be learned from the unfamiliar.

The Medical Muse exists to encourage members of the Health Sciences community to express their creativity. Occasionally, subject matter may be controversial. It is never our intent to offend, however we wish to explore the full range of experiences reflected in our submissions.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints we cannot publish every work that is submitted in the print copy. We wish it to be known that our worst fear is that in selecting submissions we are discouraging the same creativity we wish to foster. We therefore sincerely thank all those who have submitted in the past and ask that you continue doing so.

Without your creativity and courage to share, the Muse would not exist.

We look forward to your submissions.


Bob & Laura

Robert C. Schenck, Jr., MD Professor Emeritus Editor-In-Chief rschenck@salud.unm.edu

Laura J. Hall, MFA, MBA Managing Editor and Design ljhall@salud.unm.edu