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Fall 12-12-2020


Heterogeneity in materials leads to increased complication of physics, at the level or scale where heterogeneity exists, making analysis and material behavior predictions more difficult. As a result of the intricate descriptions or understanding of the physics required to determine the behavior of a heterogenous material or system, practitioners frequently prefer the use of effective properties or responses. This body of work is dedicated to performing computational analyses on the thermal behavior of heterogeneous materials and evaluating the corresponding analyses using formal verification approaches. Custom finite element method code was used for solving the heat equation in a variety of two-dimensional heterogeneous systems. Formal verification methods—including the method of manufactured solutions and the grid convergence index—were used to assess code performance and solution veracity. Functional correlations were drawn between properties of heterogeneity and effective thermal responses.


effective properties, thermal analysis, porous media, verification & validation

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Nima Fathi

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Yu-Lin Shen

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Patrick J. McDaniel

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Jens Lorenz

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