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Fall 11-9-2020


Typical high-voltage, wound film-foil capacitors have large edge margins filled with air to prevent breakdown between foil electrodes. This arrangement is inefficient for energy density and leaves a volume where particulates may settle in an uncontrolled atmosphere. The reliability and size of high-voltage, wound film-foil capacitors could be improved by adding a material with higher breakdown strength into the edge margins. This will not only improve reliability and size but also act as a barrier to prevent foreign object debris (FOD), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and water from damaging the capacitor’s performance. This paper will discuss the process of determining a suitable material and the process of prefilling the edge margins with a material using a reel-to-reel coating machine.


Dry wrap and fill, PET capacitor, Edge margin, High voltage, Mylar

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Nathan Jackson

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Yu-Lin Shen

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Alex Robinson

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