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Spring 1-24-2019


The addition of GridPro semi-structured, automated generation of grids for complex moving boundaries for combustion engine applications and the Menter Shear Stress Turbulent Transfer (SST) model are being developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory. The software is called Fast, Easy, Accurate, and Robust Continuum Engineering (FEARCE). In addition to improving the time and effort required to build complex grid geometry for turbulent reactive multi-phase flow in internal combustion engines, the SST turbulence model has been programmed into the Predictor Corrector Fractional-Step (PCS) Finite Element Method (FEM) for reactive flow and turbulent incompressible flow regime validation is performed. The Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes finite-element solver without h-adaption is used for validation of the SST turbulence model on two benchmark problems in the subsonic flow regime: (1) 2D duct channel flow, and (2) a 2-D backward-facing step with an applied constant heat flux on the bottom surface downstream of the single-sided sudden expansion of the step. The 2D BFS using the newly installed SST FEARCE code yielded a corresponding X_re = 6.655H vs. that as experimentally determined by Vogel and Eaton 85' of X_re_vogel =6.66667H.


CFD, KIVA, LANL, Heat Transfer, Backward Facing Step, Turbulence, Combustion, FEM, PCS

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Sang Lee

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Dr. Peter Vorobieff

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Dr. David Carrington

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