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Existing specifications used in vibration testing are based on envelopes of many points of fixed frequency and vibration amplitude measured at specific points in aircraft. In addition these specifications are to some extent written to be compatible with the two common types of vibration test machines, the reaction or constant-displacement type and the electromagnetic or constant-acceleration type. Thus the "envelope" of the measured vibration amplitudes is drawn in such a manner as to have a constant displacement from 3 to 60 cycles per second, the range of the reaction type of vibration test machine, and a constant acceleration from 60 cycles per second and higher, the range of the electromagnetic type of vibration test machine. The total time of testing required by this type of specification may amount to as long as 3 hours, inasmuch as continuous cycling between the lower and upper frequency limits at a slow rate or vibration at the resonant frequency of the component is specified.

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