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Spring 5-27-1953


This paper is an endeavor to present a just and impartial narration of the events as well as the interpretation of the facts that in some way conditioned the colorful political career of one of the most controversial and dynamic nationalists of contemporary Latin America.

Arnulfo Árias is a relatively young man, and while presently barred from holding public office, his many followers are confident that his exoneration and political rehabilitation are only a matter of time. If and when his civil rights are restored, it is quite possible that his political tactics will have shown some basic modifications. The experiences of two short administrations have no doubt left their traces of bitterness, but have not shattered the faith in the creed itself. It would be unwise even for the most able political observer to attempt to predict what the future holds for Arnulfo Árias. At present, his popularity is at its lowest ebb, but there are indications that this will change.

The author is fully aware of the controversy that surrounds the subject matter and of the highly emotional appeal it has made to many Panamanians today. The author believes that some degree of success has been obtained in presenting a truthful and unbiased account of the events and their interpretations.




Arnulfo Árias, Nationalism, Panameñismo, Panamanian Politics

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Latin American Studies

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