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The departure of the Navy in 2003, paired with extensive media coverage throughout the U.S., resulted in increased demand for real estate in Vieques. Most properties were bought by land speculators and baby-boomers from the U.S. The increase in demand caused prices to skyrocket, quadrupling prices in just four years. Activists, residents and government officials are now concerned that low-to-middle income Viequense families, who account for the majority of the population, are unable to afford property in their own community. The aim of this thesis is to document the real estate market trends in Vieques, demonstrate how rising prices and an influx of outsiders have impacted the local community and document local housing initiatives.




Real Estate Boom, Community Based Practice, Gentrification, Housing Boom, Vacation Homes, Navy, Speculation, Affordable Housing

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Community and Regional Planning

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Latin American Studies

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Latin American Studies

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Cordova, Teresa

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Binder, Melissa