Patients' Rights in Program Evaluation


Patients' Rights in Program Evaluation


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Program Evaluation For Mental Health: Methods, Strategies, Participants


Robert D. Coursey



Table of Contents:

The need, history, definition, and limits of program evaluation / Robert D. Coursey
Basic questions and tasks / Robert D. Coursey
The dimensions of an evaluation system for community mental health centers / Roger Mitchell
An overview of techniques and models of program evaluation / Robert D. Coursey
Needs assessment / Roger Bell
Progarm evaluation, systems theory and output value analysis / Joseph Halpern
A management by objectives approach to program evaluation / Willaim Porter
Will goal attainment scaling solve the problems of program evaluation in the mental health field? / Robert Sherman
The automated tri-informant goal-oriented note / Nancy Wilson
The Denver Community Mental Health Questionnare / James Ciarlo
Issues in evaluating children's services / James Walker
The review and evaluation of consultation activities in a community mental health center / Solomon Cytrynbaum
Evaluation of community action programs / Michael Brophy
Evaluation of educational and training programs / Irwin L. Goldstein
Approaching program evaluation / Marguerite McIntyre
Starting an internal evaluation program / Wagner Zinober
Conducting a program evaluation / Stanley Murrell
Judging program evaluations / Stanley Murrell
The uses and abuses of outside evaluator / Gerald A. Specter
Staff participation in program evaluation / Robert D. Coursey
Patient rights in program evaluation / James W. Ellis --
Evaluation by citizens / Carol I. Weiss
Resources to aid mental health program evaluation / Charles Windle
An annotated bibliography of readings in program evaluation / Glen Strobel.

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New York


Grune & Stratton

Patients' Rights in Program Evaluation