Tim Vollmann

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13 p. ; Opinion issued by Solicitor Vollmann regarding the eastern boundary of Sandia Pueblo.


The land at issue is on the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is within the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. The major portion is owned by the United States Forest Service, with approximately 1151.2 acres in private holdings, and the Juan Tabo Recreation Area. The Pueblo has indicated willingness to waive any claim to the existing private inholdings. After thorough review of the matter, we have concluded that the survey appears to accurately depict the description of the boundary as set forth in the patent. However, we have further concluded that the patent does not correctly reflect the boundary provided for by the 1748 Spanish grant, nor by the report of the Surveyor-General of New Mexico which was confirmed by Congress on December 22, 1858. Thus, it is our opinion that the Pueblo has presented a valid claim.



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