RDAP "Ask Me Anything" Townhall webinar "What is different about Clinical Data?

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This webinar was presented to the RDAP community on January 29, 2020 @ 1 pm EST. The goal of the webinar was to raise awareness of the special requirements of clinical data for data management.

Managing data has a number of common principles that get applied to each subject domain. As a result, it’s easy to start consideration of data with a disciplinary subject and data structure. But in the health sciences and medicine there is a key issue that has to be asked first: Is it clinical research data? Before delving into metadata standards, FAIR principles, or sharing, a health sciences data librarian often starts with the clinical/nonclinical distinction.

But what’s so special about clinical data? What do we even mean when we talk about clinical data? This session will introduce basic concepts in clinical data management, processes that are commonly used by researchers looking to do clinical data research. We will explore how a health sciences library can provide patron support on local infrastructure for accessing and using clinical data for research. We will also provide resources for further exploration by librarians and patrons.

Attendees will come away with:

(1) a better understanding of basic terminology and data workflows in clinical research data management;
(2) a sense of typical workflows that happen with the clinical research data lifecycle;
(3) an introduction to systems in clinical data collection and analysis, particularly REDCAP; and,
(4) at least one answer to the question of “What’s different about clinical?” When it comes to data.
Date: January 29, 2020 @ 1 pm EST

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RDAP "Ask Me Anything" Townhall webinar


clinical data, research data, data management, REDCap


Hosted by Amy Koshoffer, Assistant Director of Research & Data Services, University of Cincinnati Libraries