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The Valmora Industrial Sanatorium, located in Watrous, Mora County, New Mexico, was one of many Tuberculosis Sanatoria that sprang up in New Mexico around the turn of the century and represented one of the first Public Health efforts to take root in New Mexico. Valmora offered highly patient focused methods of treatment and integrated health education with leading a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 1909 by Dr. William T. Brown, Valmora was reorganized into a non-profit corporation supported by large businesses back east such as Marshall Fields, Sears & Roebuck, and the Chicago Daily News. This created the opportunity for working people to get effective care for TB that in the past was exclusively available to the wealthy. Valmora evolved over the 20th century from a self-sufficient industrial TB Sanatorium to a community clinic for heart and chest patients, in addition to a base of operations for the medical director., Dr. Carl H. Gellenthien, as he practiced old-fashioned' medicine across the better part of northern New Mexico, from delivering babies to stitching up knife wounds.'

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Tuberculosis--Hospitals and Sanatoria, Gellenthien, Carl H, New Mexico, Public Health


Poster was presented at the New Mexico Public Health Association (NMPHA) and University of New Mexico National Health Disparities 2014 Joint Conference on April 2, 2014.

The Valmora Industrial Sanatorium: A New Mexico Public Health Story