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Objection: One of the first steps in hosting an SCC/MLA Annual Meeting is the invitation given by the host group to encourage attendance at the following years conference. This poster describes how the Albuquerque hosts created the movie invitation to the 2007 meeting. The goal was to entertain in order to inform potential attendees and advertise Albuquerque. Methods: We brainstormed various possibilities and decided to try something different: a movie. We wanted to employ humor, libraries, and Albuquerque local color. We used free software bundled on our library computers, Windows Movie Maker, and a home digital camcorder. Library faculty reviewed the screenplay. Extras and technical staff were recruited from library staff, family and friends. Sets were contrived in various parts of the library. Results: The people involved in this endeavor greatly enjoyed the process and the result, Library on the Edge of Forever, was well received at the 2006 Annual Meeting Business Lunch. The Local Arrangements Committee continues to use the movie theme in planning the conference. Conclusions: Making a short movie for library or conference promotion requires time and it helps to have a few talented people involved. The team effort required, as well as the final product, can be highly rewarding.'

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library, movie, conference, invitation, SCC/MLA 2007, humor, marketing


Poster presented at the SCC/MLA Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM, October 23, 2007.

Uh-oh, We Have to Stage an Invitation to Albuquerque!  Making a Movie to Promote and SCC/MLA Conference: Library on the Edge of Forever