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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this poster is to describe the implementation of a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) plan at an academic health sciences library. The poster will also describe how the librarys new Integrated Library System (ILS) supports DDA plans by providing an automated workflow to manage pools of available and purchased titles. METHODS: DDA plans allow libraries to vastly increase the number of titles available in their collection and typically result in overall cost-savings because titles are not purchased unless they are accessed by users. The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library & Informatics Center piloted a DDA plan in 2015-16 as a way to provide e-books on narrow topics that typically would not be of interest to a wide number of users. Librarians reviewed various DDA programs with different providers and chose one that works seamlessly with the library's ILS, OCLC's WorldShare Management Services. The success of the pilot will be determined by looking at the number of titles loaned and/or purchased, total expenditures, and cost per use. Additionally, the vendor allows the library to create survey questions users must answer before accessing a title, and data from these questions will also be examined. RESULTS: Titles in the DDA plan received much more use than we anticipated. Within 3 months, there were nearly 200 short-term loans and 8 titles were auto-purchased. The majority of the use of titles in the plan came from students and residents, followed by faculty and staff. CONCLUSION: Overall, the DDA pilot was very successful and we plan to continue to use this acquisitions model in the future.'

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demand driven acquisitions, collection development, e-books, patron driven acquisitions


This poster was presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association on May 15, 2016 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Implementing a Demand-Driven Acquisitions Pilot