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In 2005, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology accepted a donation of orthodontic patient records from an orthodontist who has been practicing in the Albuquerque area since the early 1970s. This collection represents a diversity of patients not often encountered in orthodontic training in the United States. A virtual, de-identified, web-based version of a subset of the collection is now being developed. Users can search for cases with particular characteristics of interest (e.g., patient ancestry, extraction patterns, diagnoses, and cephalometric parameters), then review sequential intra-oral and Xray images to observe treatment outcomes. An innovative feature of the database is that it records multiple ancestry estimations, made at multiple points in time by multiple raters, along with a list of ancestry indicators on which the estimations are made (e.g., skin color, hair form and color, facial shape, name, and locality). This poster describes how the database can be used to overcome the limited diversity in the patient populations available to most orthodontics trainees. When this project concludes, the database will contain approximately 400,000 digitized images from 5650 individual cases.'

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International Medical Informatics Association




Biomedical Informatics, BMI, Orthodontics, Ancestry Estimation, Case File, Education


Abstract for poster presentation at MedInfo 2010 in Capetown, South Africa

Ancestry Estimation in a Web-based, Searchable Database of Orthodontic Case Files for Patient Care, Education, and Research