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The Program Directors from the twelve New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) programs started meeting weekly in the 2020 spring semester as a public health emergency was declared in the state of New Mexico and campuses were closed. With the shift from face-to-face clinical or simulation to online computer-based simulation activities (commonly referred to as virtual simulation), it rapidly became apparent that a consistent approach and guidelines were needed in converting learning activities into computer-based clinical simulation activities that met program objectives, state board of nursing requirements, as well as simulation and accreditation standards. While working closely with the program directors, the NMNEC Outreach Program Manager led a brainstorming process that resulted in a definition, overall goals, and requirements for computer-based clinical simulations. A checklist that incorporated these key components was developed to be a guide for faculty. Within ten days of the initial collaborative discussions and brainstorming process, the Key Components of Computer-Based Clinical Simulation (CBCS) in Place of Clinical/Simulation document and checklist was approved and disseminated across all twelve NMNEC programs and to the state board of nursing. Collaboration within the NMNEC Consortium resulted in rapidly achieving clarity on the key components of simulation that needed to be applied to computer-based clinical simulation. Faculty reported that the checklist quickly outlined what was essential to consider in determining that a computer-based clinical simulation met simulation standards. Program directors reported that the checklist documentation provided them with essential information that will be invaluable in reporting how quality of clinical education that met the state board of nursing regulations and accreditation standards was maintained while in the midst of the rapid transition to online clinical learning.


Poster presentation program - Including round tables by topics: Simulating education and practice settings.

This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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