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As the College of Nursing continues to expand enrollment, innovative instructional methods that ensure consistency and quality in education are imperative. Last year, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program began a pilot to offer the same program at the Rio Rancho campus. This poster discusses the experience of two faculty with diverse specialties, one certified in obstetrics and one in progressive/critical care, who team-taught the level two course, Nursing 351: Health and Illness Concepts 1. The challenge was to provide active, multisensory learning that was consistent between two instructors, across two campuses, for a wide variety of course concepts. Beginning in spring 2019 semester, 64 Albuquerque and eight Rio Rancho students took this course. A combined Blackboard site provided each campus with the same course materials. The faculty utilized a flipped classroom approach, and alternated face-to-face each week at the two campuses. Class preparation included reading and watching short voiced-over power points. During class, the faculty facilitated a variety of the same active learning strategies. The two instructors were able to communicate via text if questions arose. Over the two semesters, 99% of students passed the class. Student evaluations of the spring semester (summer 2019 not yet available) included many satisfied comments regarding different classroom activities. However, the majority of respondents did not appreciate the flipped classroom, stating no time to prepare and preferring a traditional lecture style. The two faculty members were very satisfied with the consistency of the course. The flipped classroom allowed facilitation of the same classroom activities and active learning strategies appealed to a variety of learning styles. Though students reported dissatisfaction with class preparation, doing so encourages self-directed learning. More evaluation data will assess whether the students appreciated these lessons long term.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2019.



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