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Musculoskeletal ultrasound is highly operator dependent. Appropriate training is essential to provide high quality imaging to patients. We developed a combined musculoskeletal ultrasound curriculum for our musculoskeletal imaging fellows and our ultrasound technologists to help provide this training. This combined curriculum allows fellows to teach technologists about anatomy and pathology, and the technologists to instruct the fellows on sonographic technique. After viewing our poster exhibit, the learner should: 1.Understand the benefits of co-learning between musculoskeletal imaging fellows and ultrasound technologists 2.Be able to identify key components of a musculoskeletal ultrasound curriculum for both ultrasound technologists and musculoskeletal imaging fellows 3.Understand how we implemented this curriculum in our department through learning sessions. We will review the learning needs of ultrasound technologists as well as those of the musculoskeletal fellows. The curriculum consists of both a didactic component and a hands on component, covering several joints. The learners are given directed readings. During the lecture portion of the curriculum, anatomy, sonographic anatomy, sonographic pathology, and scan technique are reviewed. During the hands on portion of the curriculum, the faculty member first demonstrates the sonographic technique for the particular joint. Next, the faculty facilitates practice scanning between the ultrasound technologists and the musculoskeletal imaging fellows, who work together to provide education to each other based on their skill sets. Methods of assessment will be discussed. We will discuss how we implemented our multiple monthly learning sessions. We will include survey feedback from ultrasound technologists, musculoskeletal imaging fellows, and musculoskeletal imaging faculty. We will discuss implications and future proposals.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2019.



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