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As nursing professionals returning to school to pursue an advanced degree in nursing (MSN), academic writing can be a new skill that is unfamiliar to students even as they are expected to have mastered this skill prior to entering a graduate program. In Fall 2017, the College of Nursing and the Graduate Resource Center partnered to provide MSN students with writing interventions to help bridge the gap between skill level and expectations. These interventions included an online writing course, a comprehensive writing workshop based on faculty feedback that was offered during orientation and submitting a writing assignment for review through the Graduate Online Writing Lab (GrOWL). Effectiveness of the writing interventions was evaluated based on student surveys of the experience and final grades for the students’ theory paper. Overall, 24 students found the workshop helpful (strongly agreed/agreed) while 25 students found the online course helpful (strongly agreed/agreed). Students who did not find either of the two interventions helpful stated that they did not need writing support or that the interventions were remedial. The experience in general foregrounds academic writing as a necessary skill in the nursing program and highlighted campus resources for improving one’s writing.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2018.



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