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The height of the COVID pandemic took a considerable toll on all healthcare workers and heavily on resident physicians. The long work hours and subsequent effect on mental health required a change to the system not only for wellness but also education. This especially affected the quality of the resident outpatient experience due to the competing high demands of inpatient service. Feedback from residents propelled the decision to implement block scheduling at the University of New Mexico Internal Medicine Residency program in 2021. In this presentation, we share the outcomes of this change in terms of duty hours, wellness, and learning climate for resident physicians. First, we will compare the previous scheduling structure to block scheduling and its challenges. Then we will illustrate our decision for selecting the 3+1 format of block scheduling for our safety net hospital. Finally, we will demonstrate the effects of blocking schedule on the domains of internal medicine residency ACGME requirements, wellness, and education with an emphasis on the ambulatory experience.


Presented at HSC Education Day 2024



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