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Background: In spite of the emphasis on resident satisfaction with feedback in graduate medical training, the factors behind resident satisfaction with feedback are relatively unknown. Objective: To explore the factors that influence resident satisfaction with feedback including groups that are underrepresented in medicine (URiM). Methods: University of New Mexico Residents were recruited for this descriptive qualitative study in the spring of 2022 that used a purposive convenience sampling strategy. Participants took part in focus groups conducted by third party facilitators to discuss factors that influence resident satisfaction with feedback. Sessions were audio recorded and transcribed. Data were analyzed using a systematic, thematic, iterative team-based approach. Results: Total of 7 focus groups were conducted with residents from Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Otolaryngology. Thirty nine residents participated in 1 of the 7 focus groups. Factors related to both the quality and delivery of feedback were identified. Qualities of satisfactory feedback included being intentional, timely, specific, actionable, and equitable. Residents preferred in-person feedback delivery, however, they found written feedback effective when it was preceded by verbal feedback. Conclusion:s Residents described a need for additional intentionality regarding the quality and delivery of feedback. Particular attention needs to be paid to feedback given to URiM residents. Finding additional ways to support the quality of verbal feedback is key to supporting resident’s professional development. Written feedback should mainly be a summary of a prior verbal conversation.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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