Efficacy of pediatric dermatology Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) sessions on augmenting primary care providers' confidence and abilities

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Due to the shortage of pediatric dermatologists and the abundance of skin disorders presenting in childhood, general pediatricians shoulder the management of many pediatric dermatologic disorders and would benefit from additional dermatology specific training. To address this educational gap, general pediatricians were enrolled in a pediatric dermatology-specific Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) program and surveyed to assess the efficacy of the program in increasing providers' ability and confidence in managing pediatric dermatologic conditions. Providers unanimously reported increased confidence and abilities in assessment and management of pediatric dermatologic conditions. Pediatric dermatology Project ECHO demonstrated high efficacy in improving general practitioners' comfort and knowledge on dermatology-specific topics and may be used as an education model for enhancing primary care providers' knowledge and management of common disorders.