P-63 Project ECHO™ NI & hospice UK: a team approach -ingredients required!

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Abstract Background Project ECHO™ (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a tele-mentoring programme that uses video-conferencing technology to share evidence-based knowledge, best practice and education by using case-based learning. From 2017 Hospice UK is commissioned by the Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland to deliver 30 Project ECHO™ networks. The vision is to engage with health and social care professionals to develop their knowledge base and skills, transforming service delivery and ultimately the care given to the people of Northern Ireland. As a collaborative partnership the Project Managers are tasked with implementing the operational delivery of the project. They considered that a vital ingredient for success would be to connect the team with a sense of higher purpose. This strategic driver should inspire a team to bring increased commitment, energy and creativity to their job. A higher purpose shows team members how they are making a difference, giving each within their role a sense of meaning and drawing their support to deliver the project. Aim To establish components of a newly appointed Project ECHO™ team to operationally deliver the programme. Method Weekly team meetings and monthly meetings with directors and project managers to track the progress of the project programme. In addition, a team review day after the seven months to review the vision of the project, roles and responsibilities of the team. Results Project Managers established the following components after the successful delivery of the programme in year 1: Clearly defined roles; Induction programmes; Clear communication channels; Office environment; Supportive learning environment; Team meetings. Conclusions A strategic recognition that a sense of higher purpose is not about economic exchanges, that working together for a ‘greater good’ reflects something more aspirational to a team approach.