Promoting evidence-based practices for breast cancer care through web-based collaborative learning

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The Knowledge Summaries for Comprehensive Breast Cancer Control (KSBCs) are a series of 14 publications aligned with World Health Organization guidance on evidence-based breast cancer control and accepted frameworks for action. To study utilization of the KSBCs in the development of locally relevant breast cancer control policies and programs in limited resource settings, the National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health, the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center developed the Project ECHO® for KSBCs (KSBC ECHO). Project ECHO is an online model which employs case-based learning, while promoting multi-directional learning and network-building. The program was evaluated using a pre-post study design to assess if this online collaborative learning platform can be an effective model for dissemination and utilization of the KSBCs to inform breast cancer control programs and policy advocacy in limited resource settings. A total of 28 KSBC ECHO participants (57 %) responded to the baseline and endpoint program evaluation surveys. Across all 28 respondents, analysis of the data indicates that knowledge increase was statistically significant overall: average knowledge gain was 0.77, 95 % CI [0.44–1.08] and p value < 0.0001. A majority of responding team leads reported that the core ECHO components (case/didactic presentations, discussion) contributed to a great extent to strengthening their project proposal/goals. Program evaluation survey responses indicate that utilization of this online platform provided an opportunity for individual knowledge gain, multi-directional information exchange, network-building, and strengthening of the proposed breast cancer control projects based in limited resource settings.