Leveraging Technology for Nation-Wide Training of Healthcare Professionals in Cancer Screening in India: a Methods Article

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The Indian Council of Medical Research-National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (ICMR-NICPR) has been conducting online cancer screening training certificate courses since 2017. Thereafter, multiple cohorts have been trained successfully in cancer screening using the Extensions for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) platform. A 14-week course was designed for various cadres of healthcare professionals (HCP), through which they were trained in cancer screening and their roles and responsibilities in implementing the population-based cancer screening, as per the operational framework released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Then, a contact program was held to upskill the participants in cancer screening techniques. Eight cohorts have been successfully trained using the hybrid model of online training and hands-on training. Cancer screening conducted utilizing the hybrid model, consisting of the online ECHO model, followed by hands-on training is a suitable training model to train large cohorts, such as the one in populous countries like India.