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This poster submission highlights the success and impact the Transdisplinary Evaluation and Support clinic (TEASC) has had in providing healthcare and behavioral requirements of adolescents and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Over the past three decades, the TEASC has successfully implemented a consultative model to address the complex needs of individuals with I/DD, catering to both teens and adults. This innovative team model offers statewide consultative services, extending support to individuals, their families, and their support teams. TEASC employs a variety of interdisciplinary clinical initiatives to provide clinical expertise throughout the state. The TEASC Evaluation involves in-person consultations conducted in the individual's home or community, specifically addressing complex medical, behavioral, and psychosocial needs. The Adult Special Needs Clinic, Adult Cerebral Palsy Clinic, SAFE Clinic (Supports and Assessments for Feeding and Eating), and the Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illnesses (DDMI) Project are some of the specialized initiatives that form part of this comprehensive model. The team's efforts extend beyond clinical settings to include technical consultations for community providers, offering guidance on care for individuals with IDD who have intricate medical and support system needs. Moreover, TEASC conducts statewide outreach clinics in providers' offices on an as-needed basis. This consultative model not only mitigates provider burnout but also plays a crucial role in enhancing the capacity of the primary care and medical workforce. This is particularly significant in a predominantly rural and underserved state, where the TEASC model has proven to be an effective strategy for reducing healthcare disparities and fostering sustainable healthcare practices.



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