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Summer 5-30-1966


Much has been written relative to the history of the early discoveries of California. In almost all works treating of early California, the name of Sebastian Vizcaino appears, but apart from mention of his voyage to California in 1602, little more is said relative to this explorer. Furthermore, in many instances, what little is said is in a critical vein. Nevertheless, no single individual has more contact with California during the first two and one-half centuries following its discovery than Vizcaino, and, while monuments and parks have been named for his predecessor, Rodriguez Cabrillo, few monuments have been named for Vizcaino, and the fact that almost all major place names along the California coast were given by him is ignored.

Because of this failure to recognize Vizcaino and his accomplishments and the failure of many writers to view him as more than an individual who made a voyage to California in 1602, I have attempted here to present Vizcaino in his role as a major figure in Spanish expansion in the Pacific. This has been done through the use of original documentation, as well as some secondary evidence.

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