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Spring 4-10-1940


The purpose of this thesis is to identify indications of opposition to statehood within New Mexico between the years 1888 and 1902. The sources of information were newspapers of the territory published during those years, government documents, letters and several other miscellaneous sources.

The first chapter of the thesis [discusses] the nature and scope of the endeavor, with the attitude of political parties and leaders, both national and within the territory; the events occurring during the elimination of New Mexico from the Omnibus bill; and gives a summary of the reasons generally advanced in favor of admission.

The second chapter deals with the early opposition starting with evidences of opposition found by Beadle when he visited New Mexico in 1872 and includes a summary of the reason for the opposition expressed early in the struggle, and also, some answers to these expressions of opposition.

The bitterest controversies in the struggle for statehood were evidenced during the occurrences ensuing when a proposed constitution was defeated in 1890. These controversies, which included political, religious and economic phases, are discussed in the third chapter.

The fourth chapter continues with the effects of the defeat of the constitution of 1890 and evidences a gradual change toward an attitude which is favorable to statehood but still retains some expressions of opposition when practical ends enter the picture.

The concluding chapter starts with the intensive newspaper boom in the early 1900's and continues to the final more or less complete silencing of open opposition. This chapter includes the opposition as recorded during the visit of the Beveridge Committee to New Mexico but concludes with open opposition to statehood a practice no longer discernible.

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Marion Dargan

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Lansing B. Bloom

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John W. Diefendorf




New Mexico Statehood, Opposition to Statehood, New Mexico Territory, Omnibus Bill, J.H. Beadle

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