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Spring 5-19-2023


There is a war for recognition happening on the Hollywood battlefield. Traditionally, in every war there is an enemy and an alley; in this study, the enemy is systemic racism, and the alley is Black culture. That is, this dissertation seeks to detail the past, present, and future implications of this battle for truth, inclusion, and recognition in American pop culture. This discussion examines how various multi-media forms like literature, film, television, and comic books work as tools to combat racism in American society. More importantly, the theories presented in this text are all linked to actual tactics of military warfare. Specifically, how Black artists, actors, authors, and filmmakers have successfully deployed the use of camouflage to gain exposure and funding in American popular culture. Ultimately, this dissertation identifies battles won, territories gained, and looks towards a new dawn when the war against systemic racism will be won.

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Scarlett Higgins

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Kathryn Wichelns

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Bruno Gagnon

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Stephen Benz




Film, Race, Literature, Hollywood, Black cluture, Military

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