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Spring 5-12-2018


This novella and short story collection is a work of fiction, which addresses themes of love, loss, loyalty, friendship, fidelity, and self-discovery. The main novella, Triangle is a coming of age story that follows Francis, the protagonist, as he struggles to break from his childhood relationships and the role he's occupied and to decide who he wants to be on his own. "Peeling Doves" is a story about lost innocence as two young sisters face off with malice for the first time. "Strawberry Harvest" is a story about Ava, a woman who is counting on her transition into motherhood to escape from the purposeless life she detests. When she begins to miscarry her baby she must find hope within herself. "Batman" is a story about Bruce, a young man choosing to reveal the truth of his abusive childhood and shed light on the past he's tried to keep shadowed.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Daniel Mueller

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