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Fall 11-15-2020



The impetus for this study came from the understanding that bilingualism and multilingualism are innate components of America’s immigrant and Native American cultural fabric. With issues ranging from writing ELL policy to developing English as a second language (ESL), pedagogical support, to identifying the non-static, cultural, and linguistic needs of ELLs, their intersection and impact on bilingual education in New Mexico’s public schools was the focus of this study. To ensure a nonbiased focus on that narrow intersection, a qualitative methodology with a grounded-theory genre and an emic approach was used to address the research question: How do cumulative state and federal policies impact teacher pedagogy of ELL assessment in New Mexico public schools?

In addressing the problem that the effects of cumulative federal, state, and local assessment policies upon teachers and their pedagogy of ELL assessment were largely unknown, this study not only explore the research question, but did so in a manner that allowed theories to be formed from the analyses of individual ESL teachers’ interpretations of and integration of cumulative ELL policies within the classroom. The theories that emerged from the findings help broaden the understanding of teachers’ sociocultural perspectives. The discussions pertaining to cumulative ELL assessment practices have application to New Mexico’s stakeholders and the required educational reforms for linguistic and cultural supports in BMEPs. Therefore, the significance of this study is its authentic snapshots of the effects cumulative ELL policies have on New Mexico ESL teachers.


Education Policy, ELL Assessment, Pedagogy, New Mexico

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