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Fall 11-3-2019


Standardized tests are not new to the field of education. The problem with them seems to lie in the ways these tests are now being used as criteria for various high-stakes decisions such as teachers’ evaluations, school grades, school sanctions, and even graduation from high school with a diploma. With so many different uses for standardized tests, it is easy to see how our perception of them has become skewed.

This bounded case study of a small elementary school in a large urban district centered on shifting the focus away from looking at standardized tests as a negative, as mere scores and punitive measures, and looked more towards positive mindsets and growth mentalities. This research focused on how schools can create healthy testing cultures and how principals use standardized test data to lead student learning at the school.


standardized testing, assessment, testing culture, student-centered learning, data

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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