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This exploratory study examines students perceptions of faculty involvement at a New Mexico community college and contributes to the existing literature and professional practice in post-secondary education. A web-based questionnaire was sent to 1,762 students resulting in a final analytic dataset of 136 respondents. The study provides evidence of the usefulness of Barnett's (2007, 2011) college experience questionnaire with a sample of students from a community college in New Mexico. Findings do not reflect a statistically significant relationship between students' demographic characteristics (age, gender, race/ethnicity, or socio-economic status) and their perceptions of faculty involvement. Findings, however, do reflect that there are statistically significant relationships between students' perceptions of their relationships with the instructor and feeling valued in class, their sense of belonging to the college community, and self-confidence. Students' perceptions of the instructor's actions towards them are related to their sense of belonging and self-confidence. Feeling valued in class is positively associated with a sense of belonging to the college community.'


students' perceptions, faculty involvement, post-secondary education

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