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The purpose of this investigation was to reveal the frequency of the various subject combinations for each of the high school subject fields taught in the state.

In relation to this study we may specifically list the following problems:

  1. What are the various subject combinations taught by teachers in New Mexico secondary schools?
  2. Which combinations appear most frequently and do they tend to persist?
  3. To what extent do New Mexico principals and teachers teach a single subject?
  4. In the opinion of principal and superintendents which combinations are difficult to fill, but quite desirable for practical purposes?
  5. Are New Mexico high school teachers as a whole carrying an unsatisfactory load of unrelated subjects in combinations?
  6. Does the 1937 list of graduates in the College of Education of the University of New Mexico indicate that prospective teachers have been trained in relation to the subject combinations in the state high schools?
  7. Are subject combinations related to the size of the high school?

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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