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Spring 3-1-1945


The aim of this study is to record the growth of the public schools of Durango, Colorado, from 1881 to 1944. It is a chronological history, with stress on the problems encountered with the establishing and developing of the school system. The biographies of the schools' administrators, found in the appendix, have a part in explaining the growth and achievements of the Durango Schools.

The material in this school history offers lessons to the educator and the layman. Since no two public schools travel exactly the same path of growth, a narrative of an additional school system adds some practical data to the literature of education. In such a study the scattered bits of information found in the school board minutes, financial records, and newspapers are placed in a more available form.

Growing populations and differences in nationalities are common problems in the schools of Southwestern Colorado. The Durango Public Schools are typical of this region. Other schools of the area can profit by the material in this thesis.


History of Education, Durango Public Schools

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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