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Winter 1-25-1938


The conditions of New Mexico and its time of annexation to the United States were different from most other territories that had been added. The population was composed almost entirely of Spanish descent and Indians. Their customs and ideas of church and state differed completely from those of the American subjects. The climatic and geographic conditions of the territory caused the living conditions to be entirely different. The problem in this study is to show how these conditions affected the educational development and how many obstacles were overcome in establishing a system of public schools. The legal status of the public schools and the progress made in them are included in the problem.

The purpose of this study was to collect and arrange the most authentic information available on the subject, from both primary and secondary sources. Particular effort was made to arrange this material in such a way that the average reader will find it interesting and valuable.


New Mexico Public Schools, New Mexico Territory, Public School Laws, Indigenous Education, Hispanic Education, Education History

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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