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Spring 5-29-1939


The first high schools in America and in New Mexico were conducted by the churches. These high schools were pioneers in educational thought and progress until recent years. Public High schools have made much progress in New Mexico the last quarter of a century. Not only have the public high schools improved in the quality of work they are doing, but they have increased in number until there are high schools in almost every section of New Mexico. This improvement has caused many people who were at one time ardent supporters of Protestant schools to question the advisability of these schools continuing operation, believing these schools less efficient than public high schools. Other people feel that the parochial schools have continued to improve the quality of their work and just as efficient as, if not more so, than, the public schools of New Mexico. It is believed that a comparison of the Protestant and public high schools of New Mexico will be both profitable and enlightening on the basis for determining relative merits and future development of these two groups of schools.


Parochial Education, Public School Education, High School Education, New Mexico Education, Teacher Assessment and Evaluation

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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