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This study was designed to examine the relationship between the locus of control of a group of elementary teachers and the proportion of their pupils whom they perceived as control problems or overly-aggressive. The sample consisted of 47 elementary teachers and the 1,248 students in their classrooms. Each of the teachers completed two instruments: the Rotter Internal-External Control Scale (I-E Scale) and the Pupil Rating Scale (PRS). Their scores on the I-E Scale, along with their ratings of pupils on the PRS, formed the basic data for the study. Neither the relationship between teacher locus of control and the proportion of pupils identified as control problems nor proportion identified as overly-aggressive was statistically significant. An explanation for the lack of relationship predicted in the study was that the I-E Scale is a generalized measurement of locus of control and might not be valid or reliable in measuring teachers’ locus of control within a classroom.

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