Individual, Family, and Community Education ETDs

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Summer 8-8-2018


Mindfulness is an emerging tool that is growing in use in early childhood educational settings. This project identified a high needs area of Albuquerque New Mexico and implemented a mindfulness-based intervention with teachers in a Head Start setting. This study took place over a school year where teachers met weekly with researchers for training in mindfulness and social emotional learning. This study employed a phenomenological inquiry into the perceived experiences of teachers learning these pedagogical tools to be used in their classrooms. Implications are made for early childhood educators and professional counselors that serve in a consultation role in these settings.


Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Early Childhood Education

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Counselor Education

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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Dr. Matthew E. Lemberger

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Dr. David Atencio

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Dr. Thomas Chavez

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Dr. Kira Carbaneau