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It was the purpose of this study to determine, through a cinematographical analysis, if running on a treadmill produced a change in running style or form by-comparing eleven measurements including body lean, various angles of the extremities, length of stride, and. vertical body movement.

An investigation of the literature revealed that little had been done to analyze the true mechanics of running on a treadmill. There has been a large amount of research and experimentation using treadmills in universities and industry to produce a controlled situation for physiological and kinesiological studies.

The major research method used in conducting this study was cinematography, the recording of external body movement upon motion-picture film.

The subjects chosen were individuals who ran either sprints or distances on the University of New Mexico track team. The main objective of the study was to have each runner filmed running comfortably at 8.168 miles per hour on the treadmill and on a stationary surface. The two film strips of each runner were then analyzed in comparison to each other. The filming was done with control of the following variables: speed of runner, camera placement, projector placement, and projection techniques.

The frames were projected onto a grid screen, and moving through each runner's film strip, measurements were taken at optimum points.

Both groups underwent an analysis of variance to determine if enough differences existed to achieve the cri­terion of 5 per cent level of confidence.

The results of the analysis of variance indicates that there were no statistically significant differences between running on the motor-driven treadmill and the stationary surface as measured by the eleven measurements.

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