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Summer 7-18-2018


The purpose of this study was to create a database of Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) awards coded for a variety of factors and then examine those factors to determine whether they had any relationship to the outcome of the CAS awards involving athletes and doping. The initial pool of awards was downloaded from the CAS website and then each award was read and coded for certain information, specifically case name, year, date decided, division, sport, party role, party name, issue, rule applied, sex, decision, and arbitrators deciding. Once this coding was complete the result was a database of 216 CAS awards.

All awards that had doping as the issue were then selected for analysis to see what factors had a relationship with the final decision in the award. Using descriptive statistics and case study analysis, the results indicate that there are differences in award outcomes between different sports, the sexes, who the arbitrators are, and the type of doping involved, among others, suggesting some potential bias in CAS decisions. Possible reasons for these differences are discussed.


Sport law, doping, CAS, athletes

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Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science

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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences

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