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Spring 3-28-2023


I present three chapters on the economics of grid modernization. The first chapter examines the consumer acceptance of community microgrid services. In this chapter I present the results of a split-sample contingent valuation experiment in which electric bill payers across Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are asked about the willingness-to-pay for the installation of a community microgrid contingent on costs and benefits. In the second chapter, I examine the role of contractual hydropower receipts in the fuel mix for a medium size power authority in Colorado. I show that hydropower offsets fossil fuel generation sources and contribute to reductions in ground-level ozone in the front range. I also estimate the health benefits from further reductions in ozone levels due to increase hydropower receipts. Finally, in my third chapter I examine the roll that utility-scale storage plays in storing renewable energy and offsetting emissions in the California Independent System Operator.

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Department of Economics

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Benjamin Jones

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Robert Berrens

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Janie Chermak

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Seth Blumsack




energy economics, electricity economics, united states

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