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It is heuristically desirable to automatically display the capacitance-versus-voltage {C-V) and conductance-versus­voltage (G-V) curves (including hysteresis) of metal-insula­tor-semiconductor capacitors at times subsequent to irradiation. Ultimately, these data will be used to assess the effects of ionizing radiation on the character of the surface states within the device. The purpose of this thesis is to describe in some detail the operation of circuitry that has been designed and fabricated at the University of New Mexico, and that is currently in use here in making automated measurements of this type. Also, the data are placed in a descriptive context involving a compendium of the techniques used to correlate the data and the nature of surface states and the effects of radiation upon them. The first chapter presents a description of the circuitry. Included is a brief historical sketch of the evolution of this and other circuitry used in making automated C-V measurements. Automation of G-V data performed by this circuitry is discussed in the second chapter. Also, reasons for G-V methods are qualitatively presented. In the third chapter, interpretations of C-V and G-V curves related to surface-state character and radiation effects are summarized. Subjects such as shifts in the curves, hysteresis, and annealing are included. The fourth chapter includes a discussion of the experimental procedures used and the precautions taken in the measurements made at the University of New Mexico. Typical data obtained thus far are presented, along with brief interpretations. In addition, future improvements and intentions are discussed. The appendix is devoted to the salient design calculations related to this circuitry.


The author wishes to express his deepest appreciation to the Office of Naval Research, which supported this research through a contract with the University of New Mexico.

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