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James D. Doss

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This paper describes the design of a High Voltage Pulse Modulator that employs positive feedback to generate output pulses of variable width. The modulator is intended for use as a switching device to drive the modulating anode of a five-cavity klystron. The klystron develops more than one million watts of peak power at a frequency of 805 MHz, with duty factors up to 12%. The modulating anode voltage drive requirement is approximately 80 kV with the current drain being of the order of 0.01 ampere. The total modulator current output will be approximately one ampere with most of the current flowing through a load resistor that is in parallel with the modulating anode. Pulse widths will range from 100 µsec to 1 msec. Rise and fall times are minimized to reduce operating expenses.

The regenerative modulator replaces a more traditional circuit that has cost and size disadvantages. An analysis of the design of the regenerative modulator is presented.

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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