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Summer 7-25-2022


This thesis project explores the use of high-resolution plastic optical fibers for imaging emission from low-density plasmas in pulsed power experiments. These plasmas may be responsible for driving current loss and modifying the instability structure in magneto inertial fusion approaches such as Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF); however, imaging their dynamics on the Z machine is an on-going effort. Addressing this, a compact and adaptable imaging system was developed to capture visible self-emission events in these extreme environments. Initiated as a tool for the Z machine, the project was named fiber imaging on Z (FIZ). The FIZ design utilizes a 2 mm diameter core commercial cable constructed of 13,000 individual acrylic fibers. The fibers are fused together to create a single high-resolution bundle. Different designs were investigated to cover a wide range of resolutions and field of views (3-700 microns and 0.05-45 mm, respectively), depending on the lens configuration. FIZ was fielded on Sandia's Z and Mykonos accelerators, as well as two other applications discussed within. Experiments have ranged from MagLIF on Z to hybrid x-pinches on Mykonos, with varying results. Extensive details of this investigation, including diagnostic development and application results, are presented.


fiber imaging, high resolution fiber, pulsed power, optical diagnostic, plastic optical fiber, POF


Sandia National Labs

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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