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Two aspects of the problem of pulse transmission using impedance loaded cylindrical antennas have been considered. First, an approximate solution is obtained for the current distribution on a thin cylindrical antenna driven at an arbitrary point along its length. This solution may be applied to an antenna of any length, and its simplicity makes the current distribution rapidly computable. This solution is ideal for the prediction of the transient electromagnetic field radiated when an arbitrary voltage transient is impressed across the input terminals of a long, thin, cylindrical antenna loaded with lumped im­pedances. Second, an antenna synthesis procedure was evolved. This synthesis procedure yields a selection of resistor pairs to be used to symmetrically load a cylin­drical antenna so that the radiated electormagnetic field pulse approximates some prescribed waveshape. The length of the antenna required .to obtain a useful approximation is also considered. Since a voltage step was the assumed input to the antenna, the waveshape that can be approximated is limited to fast rising, generally decaying functions of time.

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