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Weimin xuan

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Fluorescent probes have been proved to be very valuable tools in chemical and biological applications, and extensive exploration has been made. Recently, reaction-based fluorescent probes became a new design trend and displayed great potential with remarkable implementation to the conventional design method. However, this field is still underdeveloped, and a lot of problems remain to be solved. As part of our groups research interest, my Ph. D. study centered on the development of new reaction-based fluorescent probes. Firstly, our previous research on Hg2+ was continued. In this work, we developed a novel ratiometric fluorescent probe for Hg2+ with impressive sensitivity, selectivity and imaging property; also, a new fluorescent probe with excellent detection limit was explored. Secondly, the first FRET-based ratiometric fluorescent probe for nerve agent was designed and synthesized, and it exhibited great potential for practical application. Furthermore, a new design strategy for H2S probe development was discovered, and the new probe displayed excellent sensitivity and specificity. Finally, probes for Fe2+ were intensively investigated due to their biological significance and urgent demand, and the real time and off-on fluorescence detection of Fe2+ was achieved for the first time.




fluorescent probe, fluorescence imaging, ratiometric, FRET, coumarin, rhodamine, naphthalimide

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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Wang, Wei

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Qin, Yang

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Feng, Changjian

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Melancon, Charles